• Iron Warriors

    Iron Warriors

    One of the nine legions which betrayed the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, becoming Chaos Space Marines. Their specialty is siege warfare.

  • Chaos Terminators

    Chaos Terminators

    Serves as one of the Traitor Legions' most powerful infantry shock troops. Sundered and cast out from the Imperium of Man, the Chaos Space Marines of the Traitor Legions know that there can be no peace for them, no forgiveness nor absolution.

  • Daemon Prince

    Daemon Prince

    Daemon Princes have chosen to trade their humanity for the god-like power and immortality of a creature of the Warp.To ascend to the rank of Daemon Prince is the ultimate goal of the most powerful followers of Chaos.

  • Elven Spearmen

    Elven Spearmen

    High Elf Spearmen form the backbone of every army from Ulthuan.

  • Joe & Bob

    Joe & Bob

    Affectionately named Chaos Terminators. My first couple of attempts at painting eyes on a miniature!

  • Terminator Lord

    Terminator Lord

    Chaos Lords are the most powerful of the Chaos Space Marines. With the genetic advantages of a Space Marine and the blessings of the Dark Gods there are few more dangerous entities in the galaxy.

Black Ark Cosairs - Unboxing

IMHO, these are the nicest looking core units in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Read on to find out why...

10 Dark Elf Black Ark Cosairs
10 20mm Square Bases
Instruction Sheet
Check out details on the Sea Dragon Cloaks, it's really unique and only these guys got it.

Totally adore the scales on those cloaks.

Bunch of thanks to my pal, Eric, for getting me this kit for my last birthday!
Instructions, bases, yadda yadda...
The kit comes with just 2 sprues. The cloaks are the highlight of the 1st sprue shown.

You can already see the level of detail on these cloaks right outta the box.

Lots of weapon options on this 2nd sprue. Short blades, long blades, bows, hooks, you name it.

Take closer look at the heads on the top right to see the amazingly detailed hair.

This is an extremely nice kit to own especially if you are into the painting aspect!

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Chaos Knights - Unboxing

Chaos! My favorite army be it Warhammer Fantasy or 40k.

I have here the Chaos Knights for WHFB.

5 Chaos Knights
5 Cavalry Bases
1 Instruction Sheet
Even though cavalry aren't very good in the game, I couldn't resist getting this kit simply because these guys look so cool.
 Bases and instructions... boring...
Ah... the meat! Especially love the heads with the horns and all.

I believe it must be my astrological sign (Taurus) that I feel such an affinity with horns.
Divided into 3 sprues, what I like most about 2nd one are the shoulder pads. They are really spiffy looking.
Lances and weapons! Great stuff!

This kit is easily my favorite amongst all the cavalry kits in WHFB. Comes with high recommendation!

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Dragon Princes of Caledor - Unboxing

It's always a pleasure opening a box of minis and the spotlight goes to the High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor!

5 Dragon Princes
5 Cavalry Bases
1 Instruction Sheet

Got this one from Miniature Market at a 20% discount.

Great site to go to for all your miniature cravings. They also carry a whole range of board games, accessories, paints, resin bases and whatnot.
The standard instruction sheet and cavalry bases for the minis.
The box comes with 3 sprues.

Very fine details on all the parts. I love the helms with all the pointy ends. Looks like you could use the parts to stab someone if the need arises.
Consistent high quality on all 3 sprues.

The horses look great.
Lances and shields here are very nicely casted. Most importantly the lances are straight!

I prefer plastic kits like these as compared to the metal ones of old.

The main problem with metal kits is that stuff like lances usually get bent whereas this isn't an issue with these plastic one.

Hope this aids in your decision if you are pondering whether to get this kit!

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Assault on Black Reach - Unboxing

I realized that I had never gotten around to doing an unboxing for the Assault on Black Reach set so here I go!
This set is great in the value for money front.

I got this box at a 50% discount during the closing down sale of a local store for only SGD$65 (approx £32.50).

Even at full retail price, it is a steal.

46 Miniatures
Dice, Dases, Templates, Range Finders
Rulebook & "How to Play" Booklet
Standard stuff here, range-finders, templates, bases and dice.
The box contains 4 sprues and this is the 1st. Very easy to assemble snap together parts that still have a high level of detail.

This particular frame contains only Space Orks.
On to the 2nd frame, which has a mixture of Space Marines and Space Orks.
This 3rd frame is a duplicate of the one above.
And the 4th frame, with mostly Space Marines, 2 Orcs and a Dreadnought.
Last but not least, we have the "How to Play" Booklet and a mini Rulebook

The mini rulebook is really nice, portable and adds superb value to this set considering that the retail price of the full-fledged rulebook is £45.

All things considered, this set is a great buy. Now that Dark Vengeance is out, Black Reach sets may possibly be discounted at some hobby stores. If u play Space Marines or Orks, grab a box before they vanish from the shelves!

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Dark Vengeance (Limited Ed.) - The Unboxing

After many nights of ogling at pictures of the Dark Vengeance miniatures on the Games Workshop site, I finally got my hands on the Limited Ed. boxed set!

The box itself has a nice finishing and looks really good.
Here's the back where you can see all the models nicely painted up and this is what makes you really wanna buy it.

The contents include:
48 miniatures + 1 Limited mini
Dice, Bases, Templates and Range Finders
Quick Reference Sheet, Rulebook and a 'How to Play' Booklet

And.... the unboxing begins!

Surprisingly, there are only 4 main sprues and 1 additional sprue for the limited ed. miniature.

For a moment, I thought that my box may have sprues missing until I saw the number of figures that are jam packed into each of those sprues.

As with the other starter sets, this comes with the run-of-the-mill range finder and assorted templates.

The dice and bases are neatly packed but I'm sure you aren't really reading this to find out about the bases and dice so....... next please....
Now we get to the items of interest!

Here is the 1st sprue, with a mix of chaos and dark angel figures.

The miniatures are extremely detailed expecially when you consider the fact that they are mostly composed of only 2 parts.

If you own Assault on Black Reach and thought the minis there were good, these are way better!
The 2nd sprue is a duplicate of the one above.

I will have to vary my paintjob here and there for the sake of variation.
Now this 3rd sprue looks very impressive with the organic-like internal sprue frame.

Here you can really appreciate how tightly packed the figures are and every one of them is perfectly casted.

Kudos to GW for achieving this impressive feat.
And the 4th frame, with the highlight of the set.... the Helbrute.

The sculpt  is absolutely awesome and I can totally imagine how badass this guy is gonna look once I paint him up.
And finally, the limited Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus that comes with a nice textured base.

The head of my Chaplain has come off the frame but FYI, it is supposed to be attached to the bottom left of the sprue.

For some reason, this limited ed. figure seems to totally justify the purchase of this boxed set!

Lastly, there are the Quick Reference Sheet, Rulebook and a 'How to Play' booklet.

One thing to note is that the Rulebook here is full-colored with updated rules, weapons and such. It's like the rulebook from the Assault on Black Reach Set but this one is on steroids!

Very high quality stuff here. IMO, this is the best GW starter set ever made. Highly recommended, so get yours while the limited edition is still available.

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Ice Queen - Reaper Mini

Finally done... after ruining the face like 5 times trying to get the eyes right.... and then trying to get the lips right.... and the lips still remained a little lopsided....

I kept trying to fixed the darn lopsided lips, repainting it again and again and had to scrape off the paint when it became too thick, nearly destroying the whole face in the process...

And after all that hard work, the lips were still lopsided!!!

So I gave up and did the best I could....

I thought it was me and that my painting was getting worse...

Then.. I went online to look at photos of this particular miniature that had been painted by other painters... and realised it was the miniature itself that has lopsided lips.. cos it was the same on every other miniature.... damn....

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Lonnie, Female Duelist - Reaper Mini

Painted my first female miniature.

My phone camera loves to auto correct the lighting and the result is that all the shading done on the skin can't be seen in the picture!
Experimented with freehand stripes on her pants and turned out alright.

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