Ice Queen - Reaper Mini

Finally done... after ruining the face like 5 times trying to get the eyes right.... and then trying to get the lips right.... and the lips still remained a little lopsided....

I kept trying to fixed the darn lopsided lips, repainting it again and again and had to scrape off the paint when it became too thick, nearly destroying the whole face in the process...

And after all that hard work, the lips were still lopsided!!!

So I gave up and did the best I could....

I thought it was me and that my painting was getting worse...

Then.. I went online to look at photos of this particular miniature that had been painted by other painters... and realised it was the miniature itself that has lopsided lips.. cos it was the same on every other miniature.... damn....

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Lonnie, Female Duelist - Reaper Mini

Painted my first female miniature.

My phone camera loves to auto correct the lighting and the result is that all the shading done on the skin can't be seen in the picture!
Experimented with freehand stripes on her pants and turned out alright.

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Daemon Prince - Technique Refined

My second Daemon Prince is finally completed!
I used the same basic techniques to paint the skin but slapped on a couple more layers to further lighten the skin tone
I used the same blending effect for the wings where it starts from dark red at the top to blood red/orange at the bottom
Check out the ripped muscles on the back!
The overall lighter shade of the skin color really makes the muscle paint-job pop as compared to the previous DP that I painted

However the shading effect isn't obvious in all the photos as my phone camera isn't exactly top of the line
 Stop staring at his butt!
The other side...
A bird's eye view..
And here's a picture of the 2 daemon princes side by side.

The new one, is in reality, visually much brighter even though they look pretty much the same in the picture.

I like how the one on the left looks like he is taunting his opponent while the one on the right seems to be rallying his minions! ^.^


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