Iron Warrior Painting Walkthrough

A quick guide on how I paint my Iron Warriors. I have previously posted this on my Flickr site but have decided to shift it here.

Some steps are staggered (e.g. Highlighting the model are sometimes several stages apart) in order to allow time for the paint to dry.

1) Prime black and touch up with Chaos Black
2) Apply Boltgun Metal to body
3) Wash model with a generous amount of Armour Wash
4) Paint the face with Bleach Bone (Cos I think Chaos Marines should be really pale and pallid)
5) Apply Dwarf Bronze to armour trim
6) Apply a brown paint (I mixed blood red and green  cos I don't have brown paint) to the leather band holding the CSM's pony tail)

7) Apply a heavily watered down Blood Red to the Hair
8) Wash the Hair with Armour Wash, then Red Wash

9) Paint the weapon panel with Sunburst Yellow (requires multiple coats)

10) Paint on the hazard stripes onto the yellow area with Chaos Black and paint the little skulls on model with Bleached Bone
11) Drybrush Blood Red onto the hair to highlight the individual strands
12) Drybrush Boltgun Metal to the Armour on areas catching the light
13) Drybrush Mithril Silver as an extreme Highlight to the Armour on areas catching the light
14) Drybrush Shining Gold onto parts of the armour trim catching the light and added Armour Wash to the little skulls
15) Add Armour Wash to the Leather Hairband

16) Touch up the model on all areas that have been messed up

17) Apply Decal to shoulderpad
18) Varnished model with Vallejo Matte Varnish (2 layers on shoulderpads to protect the Decal, 1 layer on the rest of the model)
19) Applied coarse mixed sand to the base with Elmer's PVA glue and voila! One more Iron Warrior to field.

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