Black Ark Cosairs - Unboxing

IMHO, these are the nicest looking core units in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Read on to find out why...

10 Dark Elf Black Ark Cosairs
10 20mm Square Bases
Instruction Sheet
Check out details on the Sea Dragon Cloaks, it's really unique and only these guys got it.

Totally adore the scales on those cloaks.

Bunch of thanks to my pal, Eric, for getting me this kit for my last birthday!
Instructions, bases, yadda yadda...
The kit comes with just 2 sprues. The cloaks are the highlight of the 1st sprue shown.

You can already see the level of detail on these cloaks right outta the box.

Lots of weapon options on this 2nd sprue. Short blades, long blades, bows, hooks, you name it.

Take closer look at the heads on the top right to see the amazingly detailed hair.

This is an extremely nice kit to own especially if you are into the painting aspect!

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