A Daemon Prince Awakens

Fully painted, varnished and based!

There are some imperfections in the model as the entire figure, including the base, is created out of epoxy putty.
Took me about 20 hours to paint this guy.

Most of that time was spent on adding thin layers of paint to shade the muscles and wings.
It was alot of fun painting this model, and painting muscles is a first for me.
Huge wings! I compared it to the standard pose on the original model and the wings on this is more extended in comparison.

I am glad wings do not count for Line of Sight purposes.
I really need to make a lightbox.

The wings are blocking the light and makes it pretty hard to appreciate the shading on the muscles.
Did a blend of dark red, blood red and orange fire to achieve the gradient effect on the wings.

The underside of the wings are shaded in the same way.
Decided to make the blade black so as to contrast with the lava effect etched into the blade.
Did a similar lava effect with blood red and orange for the chaos sigil on the shoulder pads.
Used shining gold to colour the markings on the legs.
A closer look at the head and body

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